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It starts off as a wonderful day, it’s the first day of Laura’s new job as stay at home mom and Lydia has already left to pick up Ray Jr. at the airport so he can spend the summer at home.It would be a perfect day if Ray had been able to put off the business trip he had planned, but as usual, business comes first.As long as she can quit her job and relax at home for a while its worth Ray’s frequent out of town trips. Maybe with her added free time she can begin fixing herself up and try to put some fire back into their sex life which has suffered greatly with them both working.She longs for the furor of her blood racing through her veins as Ray ignites a maelstrom of lust that has her mind lost to him just as she used to be.The yearning need that festers within her needs to find a release other than from her assortment of Ray substitutes lying in her dresser drawer. Laura decides to jump in the shower before Jr and Lydia get back.For the first time Laura notices how big their bathroom is as the sunlight streams in through the wall length glass windows.She has opened those curtains every morning for years as she prepared for work preferring the sunlight to the artificial light from the fixtures.There are no homes behind theirs and the only building in sight is the prison and it’s at least a quarter mile away and is surrounded by a tall brick and mortar wall.Only the top floor is visible from her home.That is the only defect in an otherwise perfect home in the perfect location.They had found it when the kids were in high school and loved the seclusion and amount of land that accompanied it. The real estate agent conveniently forgot to mention that the building in the distance was a state prison which is the reason the selling price was so low on such a large home with land. They had envisioned building an estate.It is still a nice vision but totally unrealistic especially now that both their children are clamoring about leaving home as soon as possible.Jr. is already attending school out of state and Lydia is still trying to decide if college will benefit her as she really has no plans of a career and would rather find a good man and become a stay at home mom.They have both tried to convince her that a good job in the meantime would be a nice thing, and that, requires an education.Laura stands nude before the bathroom window as she wonders if the men in the prison can see her.She likes fantasizing that they can, that she is the object of their masturbatory fantasies as they pound their stiff needy cocks or butt fuck each other as they see her in their minds as they labor to cum in their cell mates’ ass.Her breathing is deepened as her fantasy takes control of her and her hand creeps slowly to her clit.In her mind there is a man at every window watching her, their dicks hard as she instills a craving in each of them.Her eyes close as her fingers move more rapidly over her taut swollen orb.Her knees feel weak and she allows her body to sink to the marble floor, thighs widespread towards the wall of windows as her ass lifts and rolls as her fantasy plays in her mind.Suddenly they are there with her, standing around her as she sees the lust in their eyes, their hard dicks pumping their hot sperm over her entire body.Feeling their hot juices pumped over her in her mind, knowing they, to a man want her body, has her cumming hard, her body jerking as intense waves wash over her until tensing till her bones feel breaking, she moans, and as suddenly as she was swept away her body is freed and falls heavily to the floor as she lays there gasping for breath as reality slowly returns and she glances at the prison in the distance and smiles.She lays there panting, chest heaving as she feels her wet emissions running down the crack of her ass.It is this fantasy that has kept her cumming since she first learned of the prison being there.Hopefully she will no longer need this fantasy as she settles into her new role as a stay at home wife and mother.She rises and throws a kiss towards the window to her imaginary desirers before entering the shower.The hot water feels good on her skin as she wonders if it is possible to see her from the top floor of the prison.Probably not she thinks as she washes her entire body with her hands and a bar of soap.She loves the slick feel of her hands caressing her body as she teases herself leisurely.This has always been a luxury when she was working and pressed for time.She even shaved her legs without nicking herself.When she hears talking outside her bathroom door she thinks the kids are back already.They made awful good time she thinks to herself before realizing it would be impossible for them to be here that quickly.Her first thought is that Lydia had come back for some reason but who would she be talking to? Maybe she is on her cell phone she thinks.Having forgotten to bring her robe she glances out the door and seeing no one, leaves the bathroom and retrieves her robe and puts it on.She walks out the door to the bedroom while tying her robe’s belt and is immediately confronted by three large black men.They appear to be as startled at her appearance as she is at theirs. She grabs the top of her robe and gathers it together as she realizes she is standing there nude under her robe.“Who are you, what do you want, you’re not supposed to be here”, she says, trying to appear brave. They all three look at each other as if confused, then one says to the other two, “Damn man, I thought Rob said there wouldn’t be anyone here this time of day.”Then to her he says, “Ma’am we don’t mean you no harm, we just need to stay here a few hours and then we’ll be gone.You just go on about your business and pretend we’re not here.Don’t be trying to call anyone or anything though.We just need to use your home for a bit and then we’ll be outta here and leave everything just like we found it, ok?“What the hell do you mean you’re gonna stay here, this is my home and if you don’t leave right now I’ll call the police.How did you get in here anyway”, she asks?“Your garage door was open so we just pulled in and came in through the garage, don’t worry though we closed the door for you”, he said seriously, before adding. “Ma’am I said we don’t mean you no harm, I didn’t say we wouldn’t harm you if you give us reason to.There ain’t gonna be no calling no police you here that.You can watch TV or do whatever you want but stay away from the phones, you hear?You weren’t supposed to be here ma’am.We thought you’d be at work and we could just use your house for our business and be gone before you or anyone knew we were even here.Where is your old man, is he and the kid where they’re supposed to be today?“He’s at work and she is at a friend’s house and won’t be home till late, why does it matter, she asks, if you’re going to be gone in a couple of hours?”“We’re not exactly sure just how long we‘ll be here baby.It depends on a few things we can’t control”, but we will be gone as quick as possible of that you can be sure”, he replies.Laura is trying to remember their looks, their height and weight and mustache and how their voices sound.She is taking mental notes of the clothes they wear when her gaze falls on each of their crotches.They all wear denim pants like uniform pants and they all have huge bulges plainly evident.The one that seems to do all the talking has his dick clearly outlined through his pants and he’s huge.The two quiet ones are whispering and laughing to themselves as they keep glancing at her.She hears the one comment, “Yeah white gals are always turned on by a brother’s black ass dick”, as he adjusts his dick with his hand through his pants.When he’s through his cock is running down his leg vividly outlined by the fabric.Her gaze is locked to his cock as he squeezes and holds it.She can see it obviously stiffening, growing under his fingers.She doesn’t want to look because she knows he is wanting her too but no matter where she looks there is another black cock displayed whether on purpose or not.Laura is becoming uncomfortable as she sits on the couch with her leg drawn up under her knowing she is nude under her robe and they are obviously having sexual thoughts of her.She is feeling a trepidation at what they could do if they so desired.She thinks of them forcing themselves on her and how their big cocks would feel as they rape her pussy, how they could hurt and stretch her deeply.She weighs her options and decides that as secluded as their house is she should just wait and see what they do.They seem to be telling the truth except for the sexual tone of their conversation now.The one man has his legs stretched out in front of him and his dick is now obviously swollen and hard.He wants her to see his size and at first she tries not to look and then defiantly she openly gazes at him.“You like this he asks”, as he grips his cock and shakes it at her through his pants.“Your hubby don’t have a cock like this does he beautiful”, he asks her boldly?“It’s none of your damn business what my husband has or does not have.Are all black men such assholes or are you just a one of a kind”, she asks him?She feels her pussy filling with moisture as her gaze remains fixed on his cock.Her words are a defensive mechanism but her body is telling the true story of her emotions and feelings.No matter what she tries to dispel her thoughts, seeing his large cock jerking stiffly is having an effect on her sensibilities.He looks at her and smiles a knowing smile as he watches her fidget nervously, thighs squeezing tightly in time with the pulsing of her swollen clit.She wants to touch herself but knows that would give him pleasure and she wishes to give a non-chalant appearance at his efforts to arouse her.She knows if she continues sitting there she will become aroused beyond her ability to maintain her composure.She rises and says she is going to get a glass of orange juice and asks if anyone else wants any.Her stiff cocked friend rises also and says, “No I’m good but I’ll tag along to keep you honest doll”.After entering the kitchen she opens the fridge and retrieves the orange juice.After pouring a glass she returns it to the fridge and as she returns to pick it up the black man grabs her and pulls her against his body.Laura is terrified and places her hands on his chest and attempts to push him away saying, “Is this what he meant when he said you wouldn’t harm me asshole?”He holds her tight and places his mouth next to her ear and says, “I know all about you baby and you know I have what you need.Rob told me all about you and how horny you are sweetheart.Nobody here but us so nobody will ever know.Think about it, three big dicked black men to take care of you and nobody knowing it but you and us and we’ll be walking out of your life forever once our business is done.“Who is Rob she asks and how does he know anything about me, do I know him”, she asks curiously.Unknown to him she has thought about what they could do to her and her pussy is yearning because of it, her clit feels as if a bass drum is embedded in it and the feel of his pants covered hard dick held against the bare skin of her thigh has her considering his words.“Naw you don’t know Rob but when he asked me to bring him a pair of binoculars on visiting day he tole me about a woman putting on a show in a house behind the prison at her window.Said she was hot as hell and playing with herself right in front of the window like she knew he was watching.Guess what baby, this is the only house near the prison and you’re the only woman here besides your daughter and her room is on the front of the house.Maybe you’d like to put on a little show right here for me.I could sit right here in this chair and you could sit in that one over there and you can play with that pussy with me watching you while I stroke this black dick.That’s what you was imagining up there by that window isn’t it, that the men at the prison was watching you.Rob says you cum good and hard, ass lifting off the floor and everything.”Laura is blushing, embarrassed, as she learns that they can see her from the prison.His words have her on fire though as her mind grabs his suggestion and she can’t help thinking of how she would feel if she did perform for him and surely his friends.She knows if she does as he suggests that they will fuck her, all of them.She wants to deny what he said she did but she knows she can’t, knows that everything he said was and is true.Guilt begins to permeate her as she thinks of Ray gone working so that she can stay at home in leisure and she is thinking of these black men’s large cocks.She says weakly, “I’m married, I..I can’t do that. What kind of a wife would I be to do something like that?“What kind of a wife plays with her pussy where other men can watch her baby, you were cheating on your man in your mind then”, he says.“B..b.but that was imaginary, fantasy, what you’re suggesting is real, I..I..I can’t….I mean…..how could I live with……..oh my god don’t….please don’t….I’m begging you…I..I..can’t”, she pleads as he stands and opens his pants and allows his long thick black dick to hang out fully, swaying, jerking as it stiffens rigidly as she stares at it.Her arousement is instantaneous and complete as her thighs squeeze tightly and a loud moan escapes her lips, legs become weak and she falls back onto the chair he had motioned to seconds before.Her mind is overwhelmed, unable to cope with the powerful surges of need that condense at her groin as they prevent any rational thought.Laura has never been subjected to such a display of confidence by a man, nor such boldness of action.He walks the few steps to her and pulls the knot free from the belt of her robe and then presses it down over her shoulders and opens it allowing it to fall around the chair.She begs, “Don’t…don’’t do this…don’t make me”, as the inferno within her consumes every inhibition and the last vestige of resistance she has against what she knows is inevitable.Her only salvation would be for him to deny himself the pleasure of taking her at her most vulnerable.But he knows of her need, knows of the seething craving his black dick has caused to burn within her, a white man’s beautiful wife.Seeing Laura’s perfect white body, bald pussy proudly protruding, has Lobo intent on using her for his pleasure.He sees the hunger permeating her mind and body, knows the yearning that drove her to fantasy in front of her open window is consuming her as she continues to gaze at his jerking cock.“Open your thighs and show me how you play with your pussy up in front of the window and if you make me hot enough I’ll let you suck this big dick baby”, he says as his thick dick wavers in front of her lips.Saliva forms in her mouth as she anticipates the taste of his dick, her breathing hastens, tongue slides wetly over her lips as she thinks, I want that, want him to fuck his big dick into my throat and make me eat his cum.Her breathing becomes ragged at that thought, chest heaving as her mind submits.Each strong jerk of his dick increases the hunger within her mouth to taste him, to hold him in her mouth and run her tongue laviciously around his oozing glans.Her eyes close as her thighs open, spread widely, allowing her hand to find her clit and begin manipulating it gently while her hips undulate smoothly.As her mind succumbs to her fate her eyes open and her fingers press deeply inside her, hips hunching her pussy into them as she watches him stroke his cock.She imagines he is the man at the prison watching her and a groan leaves her mouth.“You like watching me, knowing how bad I need to feel your black dick inside me?You like knowing a married white woman is playing with her pussy thinking about you don’t you, thinking about you fucking her pussy with your black cock, cumming in her deeper than anyone ever has.It turns me on knowing you want my pussy, that you’re stroking your black cock thinking of my body, that you don’t care if I’m married, you just want to fuck me, cum in me.I like knowing the men in the prison see me, want to fuck me, that they think of me when they cum, oh god I..I..I’m cumming….aarrggghhhhHHHHHHHHHLobo says nothing as he grabs her head and presses his swollen black glans past her lips into her mouth as she moans and tenses, hands gripping her pussy, rubbing her clit furiously as each wave of her orgasm relents before again tensing hard.Laura moans her enjoyment as her tongue and lips adore him with moist licks and relentless suctioning.The taste of his cock as he enters her mouth has her mind incensed.This is no longer a fantasy, she’s sucking a black man’s dick while playing with herself nude in her kitchen.That is as real as her knowledge that she will fuck all three of these black men willingly before they leave her home.She wants this, wants the three of them to appease the hunger that has filled her for all the years she worked.Their dicks are so big, so much longer and thicker than her husbands.Tasting his balls as he presents them to her mouth to enjoy has every orifice of her body ravenous with her hunger for a black cock to enter and roughly fuck her there.Removing his dick from her mouth he bends and lifts her and lays her upon the dining room table and sinks to his knees between her thighs and begins sucking at her swollen taut clit. Laura’s hips lift into his avid mouthing and her cries become shrill as she hunches into his mouth feverishly.Both of the other black men hear her and come to see what is wrong and stop in surprise as they see her holding Lobo by his head and hunching roughly into his flailing tongue as it penetrates her pussy deeply, pressuring her slick wet flesh with laving adoration.“Damn Lobo, rape wasn’t part of the plan man”, the leader, the one they call Cool, says aloud.“Lobo stops, causing Laura to moan her disappointment at his leaving her pussy, and says, “Damn man ain’t nobody raping nobody, Laura here just decided she needed some big nigga dick and I tole her we’d give her some.Take yore damn clothes off and get some a dis pussy”, before returning to suck Laura’s clit once more.They look at one another and shrug their shoulders and begin stripping their clothing from their bodies smiling as they do so.They watch as Lobo sucks Laura through a few more intense orgasms while stroking their cocks and soon her writhing and screaming have them hard as steel also.Laura sees them, knows they are going to give her their huge dicks and that fact causes her to cum again as Cool pulls her forward until her head hangs over the edge of the table and he presses his dick into her mouth.Laura’s emotions are in turmoil as her one hand pulls at Roger’s dick, the other pulls at Lobo’s head as he eats her rabidly and her mouth is being fucked by Cool’s huge cock.Her entire body writhes, bends, hunches and undulates as never before felt emotions and sensations run rife through her entire body.Seeing their black bodies, knowing she is being taken by a group of black men has her mind feverish and her body completely out of control.When Lobo sucks hard at her clit again she jerks her head from Cool’s dick and screams, “FUCK ME!...god, fuck me….I need it so bad…pleasssse”Lobo rises and pulls her to him and positions her ass on the edge of the table and places his dick at her entrance and begins forcing his thick glans into her wet pussy.Laura feels herself opening to his thick tip, her moist flesh straining to accept him as her mind begins to slide into a place of aroused depravity.Her moan as he enters her tells of the never felt before pleasure she is enduring.His dick is hot, thick and the pressure it exerts within her has her craving more of him.Her hips roll as she feels his thick hardness with her moist walls, squeezing him as her pussy moves, gyrates around the stiffness massaging her intimately.He fucks her slowly, works his hips in small circles as she pulls at his ass with her ankles strongly.“Oh god you’re so big…so good…love the way your black dick feels in me, fuck me, oh damn fuck it hard…..yes…yes…like that….oh god it hurts….so good….god it’s so long…..oh god I..I..I’m gonna……aiiieeeEEEEEEEE..YES!..YES!....FUCK ME!.....HURT IT!......oh god I love your big black cock…ungh …..ungh……oh fuck……..cum…cum..oh god I can’t stop”, she screams as her hips force her pussy up into his hardest ramming motions, legs holding her to his repeated deep hammering thrusts.Lobo lifts her, leaving her impaled upon his stiff dick as he walks to the couch and sits back on it with her atop him straddle his hips.Her hips hunch down onto his black dick furiously as she seems crazed by the feeling he presents her, driven, as she fucks him while animal groans escape her lips.She cums repeatedly, each time her thighs open widely as she forces his entire dick up inside her and grinds forcefully down into it until her body freezes, becomes immobilized by the intensity of the orgasms his black dick elicit from her.Roger’s dick is jerking strongly as he watches her plight and he moves behind her and spits on his cock head and rubs it around his tip before lowering his body behind Laura’s ass and begins forcing his dick inside her anus.“Oh god no..too fucking big….oh shit you’re ripping me….aieeee please don’t…aieeeeeEEEEEE…….don’t move…please don’t move it….oh god it burns…hurts”, she cries with tears running down her cheeks as Roger’s large black dick throbs tightly in her asshole.Lobo begins fucking up into her pussy until he’s fully inside her and then begins hunching against her clit, mashing it with his body, grinding into her until her ass begins moving, squeezing Roger’s dick and moaning, as tremors wrack her intensely.“Oh god I’m so full of dick, hard black cock up my ass, hurting my pussy….so good, so fuckin good…….ohhhh shit fuck me, fuck my ass…..oh god never done this……FUCK ME……..so much black dick……..yeah….yeah like that…..feel them rubbing…so big……oh god I love your dicks…..so fucking huge…..never felt anything so good and big……oh my god…doit…oh god…oh god…fuck me…doit….oh my god I…I…..aaarrgghhhHHHHHHhh……fuck me…..oh god I…I..I’m cumming…….hard…fuck me hard…oh god its so good……don’t stop……aaiiieeeeeeEEEeeaaarrgghhhhhhoh god yes……fuck me…black dicks……love black dick……oh god you’re ripping my ass….fuck me…please fuck me fast….faster….yes…yes like that…c..c..cumming again….ungh…ungh…ungh….ohhhhhhhhhh”Laura’s scrams become shrill, loud as she cums almost continuously.She’s never had a dick in her ass before and the sensations that permeate every cell of her body are addicting her to the black cocks battering her deeply.Cool steps to her and again places his fat cock in her mouth and all three of them fuck their black cocks into her simultaneously.She is lost to them, lost to anything but the pleasure they pound into her deeply.She sucks cool’s monster dick feverishly, groaning each time she cums from the hurtful pounding of her pussy and the streaming thrills racing from her asshole as Roger fucks her using long quick strokes of his endowed dick.Her pussy is soaked, Lobo’s dick making loud squishing noises that add to the slutty feeling she experiences know three black men are fucking their dicks into her white body as they addict her to the pleasure their large dicks afford her.Her husband Ray has never felt this good, never stretched and hurt her pussy like Lobo is and never fucked her for this long without cumming either.She can’t stop screaming her love of their black cocks.Even when she hears Lydia scream, “Oh my god mom what are you doing, who are they?”, she can’t stop cumming.She wants to die as she sees her daughter standing watching her cum intensely, her body immobilized by the intense orgasm holding her in its grip as internally she knows her life as she knew it is over.Cool is the first to react, jerking his dick from Laura’s mouth as he moves behind Lydia and asks, and who might you be beautiful lady.Lydia turns to the side and backs away from him frightened, thinking they are raping her mom, but she’s confused by her mom’s screams of pleasure as she exhorted them on.“I’m her daughter, who are you and what are you doing here with my mom”, Lydia asks nervously?She knows her brother will be back soon.They saw an old girlfriend of his and he told her he’d ride her home and as soon as he does he will be back and she’s worried what he will say or do if he sees what she is now.Just then her cell rings and Cool jerks it from her hand and asks, “Who is it”? “My brother and if I don’t answer it he’ll be worried and come home”, she replies.“Listen little girl, you call him back on speakerphone and see what he wants but if you mention us being here we will fuck you and your mom up good you here.We don‘t want to hurt either one of you unless you make us.Ask your mom she’ll tell you we won’t hurt you unless you fuck up.Lydia did as he asked and Jr. said he called to tell them that he was taking Linda to a movie and he’d be home later and to tell mom he loved her.Lydia couldn’t help but see their hard dicks as they still slowly pumped her mom’s pussy.Cool’s monster dick was partially hard but still quite an imposing piece of meat as she stood gazing at it.Cool saw where her gaze was directed and his dick jerked, began stiffening under her gaze.She felt uncomfortable being there as they fucked her mom and Laura wasn’t fighting them at all.In fact, she was working her hips and fucking them as much as they were fucking her.She could tell her mom was under the influence of the feelings their dicks imposed and could easily understand why.Her own breathing was becoming more rapid and when she asked, “Why are you here”, her voice was tinged with the nervousness her sexual tension was causing in her body.“We’re just gonna be here a few more hours hopefully.We were just going to use the house but when we found your mom here we couldn’t let her leave so we just got comfortable to wait.”“You mean you just raped my mom don’t you”, she spat at him angrily.“Whoa, we didn’t rape nobody little girl. Your momma just needed to feel these hard black dicks so we let her.Ask her if you don’t believe us”, Cool replied.“Is that true mom, what about dad, how could you”, she asks Laura?“I’m sorry baby, I guess I just got caught up in my desires.You know, me and your dad haven’t had much time for making love and I’ve needed this for so long I just couldn’t say no.Look at their dicks baby, can you honestly say you aren’t thinking of how Cool’s dick would feel inside you right now?I never dreamed anyone would ever know and once we started I just forgot all about you and Jr. coming back”Lydia had sat down in the stuffed chair and crossed her thighs and her leg was pumping quickly and she was obviously getting more aroused the harder Cool’s cock became.He noticed the slight flush on her face and how her breathing was becoming more rapid so he walked over beside her where his cock was jerking right at her face level and said almost in a whisper, “You know, she’s right, no one would ever know what we do here unless you tell them.You don’t want to see your mom and dad split do you?”Lydia’s gaze keeps moving from the cocks fucking her mom back to Cool’s jerking dick.Her mom is again lost to the sensations running through her and her moans are filling the room and instilling a hot excitement in her daughter’s body as she is unable to care what Lydia sees her doing.Cool holds his dick in front of Lydia’s mouth and says, “Go on baby, you know you want too.Put your hand on this black dick and tell me you don’t want to feel it inside your white pussy.”Lydia is swallowing hard.Every cell of her body is begging her to place her lips on his dick.She smells the heady aroma of his balls and the scent has her drawn to press her face against them and lick and suck at them.Her emotions are conflicted by her loyalty to her dad and the need she feels yearning in her pussy.As she sits there she totally understands how her mom was seduced to fuck this huge cocked trio of black men.She knows she is going to submit to their big dicks too.She just feels awkward knowing her mom will see her fucking them.She can already tell that her excitement will have her screaming her love of their big dicks just as her mom was when she walked in.She licks her lips and reaches for Cool’s dick and slides his fat tip into her mouth and resigns herself to the same fate her mother acceded to.Cool soon had her stripped nude and lying beside her mother on her back as he entered her and began fucking his very, very thick dick into her soul as she begged for more while hunching crazily up into his long hurtful cock.Lydia’s hands gripped Cool’s ass while pulling him forcefully into her grinding pussy as she screamed he was killing her, ripping her white pussy with his huge black cock.Roger had left Laura’s asshole and moved to Lydia and wrapped his fingers in her long locks and pressed his dick into her mouth and began fucking his cock into her throat as she moaned around it as Cool persecuted her tight pussy with his dick, fucking her unmercifully deep and hard.“Oh god mom he’s killing me with his black dick…I love it so much…oh god I just keep c..c.cumming..aieee”, she screams before Roger jerks her back to his cock.Laura feels so close to her daughter now as they share these men’s cocks,三级小说 their huge black cocks.She sees her daughter sucking Roger’s cock and it’s easy to see how black dick turns her on.It’s a different arousement than with a white guy, a deeper, hotter more intense excitement that has their pussies constantly craving more of the deep hurt their fat long black dicks impose upon them.Laura knows that even after these men leave, her and her daughter will be seeking out black men to discreetly fuck and suck.When Jr. returns to school and Ray is out of town there is no-one around their secluded home to see black men coming to service their pussies with their thick girths and extended length?Cool withdraws from Lydia’s swamp of a pussy and says, “Lets swap Lobo, I need to cum in her mom’s pussy”.Laura has not felt Cool’s huge mass inside her yet and when he rams it in her roughly she screams loudly and then as he begins fucking her deeply her screams become moans filled with the love she feels for his huge girth and added length.“Oh god Lydia where did you put all this black dick, he’s killing my pussy with it…..oh god….fuck it….oh fuck its so big….oh shit yeah…..fuck me Cool, gimme that black dick…slam it in me…oh god you’re so fuckin huge…..fuck me…fuck me…oh god I’m cummin….oh god…ohgod yes!......don’t stop…….oh fuck yes…hurts so fuckin good…..ohhhhhhhhh god it hurts..rippin my pussy…….oh fuck I love you so much baby….oh god Lydia your dad never fucked me like this…never made me cum so much….aaiieeEEEEEEEEEE…YES!...YES!.....cum in me….PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME!...unghhh Fuck me…fuck me……cum in me…..baby make that black cock fill me up…fuck it in me….give me your baby juice…….oh god please cum in my pussy….I need it so bad.Then her eyes gape open as if awed, her ankles pull at Cool’s body as they hold her to his cock while crying out, “OHYEAH…doit…..oh fuck its getting bigger….hurts…..oh fuck pussy burns….rippin me….sooooo big…soooogood.ahhhhhhHHHHHHYESOh god yes, so hot, do it……oh fuck Lyd he’s cummin baby…oh damn its so much…so hot…arrggHHHHHH GOD…….aieeeeEEEEEEEEE……fuck….fuck….don’t stop….ohgod fill me up!”, then she sobs as he continues to torment her deeply with hot spurts of lava like black ball seed.She cries for the life she knows is lost and she sobs for the life she knows her and her daughter Lydia are going to share addicted to black dick now.Lydia is in her own heaven as both the blacks fucking her cum at once.She feels Roger’s dick swelling in her pussy and knows it’s the omen of pleasure she has been craving since Cool first entered her so deeply.But before he can fill her Roger pulls her mouth deep onto his own bloated dick and loses his ball seed deep in her throat choking her.She thinks he will choke her to death but her hips hunch wildly when she feels a forceful spewing inside her pussy that seems to scald her pussy flesh with its intense heat.They fuck her from both ends as she feels their heat meeting at her middle.Tears form in her eyes as she realizes she loves the way they use her, fuck her uncaring of her plight, intent on sating their own heated need with her white body.They use her like the slut she is for them and she loves it, loves the feel and taste of their huge black cocks and the way they hurt her so deeply as she can’t stop cumming on them.The guys roll off them and go to the kitchen seemingly unafraid of them leaving or calling anyone, confident that they want more of their black dicks.Laura lays down with her daughter along the couch and holds her in her arms and says, “Now you understand why I did what I did don’t you baby?”“Oh god mom, they’re all so fucking huge.I can’t believe how much I cum and I want more right now.Mom you know dad will never make you feel like this.I don’t want you and dad to split up mom, I know you love him and I promise this is our secret and I’ll never tell him anything about you fucking black men even in the future.We can fuck them together like today and dad will never know.Laura feels so close to Lydia and she looks her in her eyes and she knows Lydia feels the same thing she does. Their lips touch lightly and then as a moan escapes their mouths they kiss.Their kiss is meaningful and instills a heat as neither of them have ever known before.They seem to meld into one, their bodies fusing, pressing together as they rub their clits against each other’s’ thighs.Her daughter’s skin feels smooth beneath her hands as Laura’s lips begin a slow descent down her body, licking, kissing, sucking as she teases her child, torments her breasts, laves her stomach and then with the aroma of her sex in her nostrils her tongue swipes lightly over her swollen bud, teases it as Lydia responds to her mother’s incestuous kiss.Her daughter’s thighs spread widely as she accepts the incestuous act her mother subjects her to.Lydia’s mind is inflamed as her mother’s tongue enters her, licks and sucks at the wet flesh within her.Her body writhes wildly as she feels her mom’s tongue slithering over her mound, lightly probing her asshole before gathering Lydia’s wet expression of her gratitude for the love her mom presents her.Laura drinks of her daughter’s orgasms as she spoons them from her with her tongue embedded as deeply as possible within her clenching pussy.“Yeah, now that’s what I’m talking about”, Cool says as he stands staring at Lydia’s body tensing as her mother sucks and licks excitedly at her pussy, lightly biting her daughter’s clit until she’s pulling her mother’s face to her roughly hunching cunt screaming as she cums and cums. Cool moves behind Laura and presses his now hard dick into her pussy and begins fucking her, driving her tongue deep into Lydia’s hunching pussy as her daughter cries her love for her mom.Roger grabs Lydia’s ankle and pulls her around on the couch and sits beside her as he says, ”Climb up here on this black ass dick and fuck it real good baby girl.”Lydia needs his dick deep inside her and eagerly responds as his cock sways rigidly upright.Soon she’s cumming with her thighs widely spread hunching and grinding against his fat tip as Laura kisses her while being pummeled from behind.Lobo sees Lydia’s puckered asshole and decides it needs to be blackened by his long dick.He places his cock at her asshole and begins pressing into her as she tries to protest but Roger holds her to his body.“Oh my god no, nobody’s ever been there, I’m too tight for your big dick…ohhhhhhhgod…….you’re hurting me………oh fuck it feels like you’re ripping my asshole apart….burns…oh shit it’s too big!”Lobo feels her asshole squeezing him repeatedly as his glans lies just inside her ringed muscle.Each time her anus contracts around his dick she moans loudly.Roger’s dick moves in her slowly, rubs against his own fat glans as he fucks up into her deeper with every stroke of his rock hard dick.“Ohhhgod”, Lydiamoans as her hips tentatively begin moving, squeezing and relaxing as she fucks Lobo’s large dick into her asshole.“Oh damn my butt feels so full and stretched…so good….oh god I can’t believe I have two black cocks fucking me and I love it.I feel so slutty with a black dick fucking my white ass….it hurts but it’s a good hurt……hmmmmm I want to feel you both cum in my asshole and pussy.Oh yeah, fuck me…..need you to fuck me harder….fuck my ass deeper Lobo…give it to me baby!Oh god doit!...fuck me hard…oh fuck…give it to me….cum…gonna…ohhhhhhhhyeahhhh fuck it…doit hard…HARDER!....oh god FASTER…doit faster….fuck my ass…aaiiieeeeEEEEEEEEEE I’M CUMMING! OHFUCK!....DON’TSTOP….PLEASE DON’T….AAARRRGGGHHHHHHHHHOHHHHHGODDDDD!Cool has Laura pinned on her knees between the couch and his hard dick as he roughly fucks her asshole with his swollen huge cock.Her head flails wildly from side to side as she cums relentlessly, pushing her ass back into Cool’s most ferocious thrusts as she begs for more, begs to feel his cum shooting up her colon.That’s how they are when Rob walks in.He instantly recognizes Laura as the woman that plays with her pussy by the window.He doesn’t know what is going on but he does know he is going to fuck the shit out of the woman he has jerked off to so many times while penned up in his cell on the top floor of the prison.He slowly undresses and stands there looking at the woman that has tantalized him for so long as he strokes his dick. He thenwalks over to Lobo and says,”Hey man roll that bitch over and let me get at that pussy.Whatta you say there Rob, glad to see you made it bro.You were right guy, Laura here is one hot damn lady and so is her daughter there.Lobo lifts Laura and turns and lays down with her atop him, his dick still deeply embedded in her ass.Lobo holds her thighs open widely as Laura fills with fear as she gazes at Rob’s dick.His glans is as thick as a baseball and his shaft the same diameter and he has to be fifteen inches long at a minimum.She begins saying, “Oh my god I’m not sure I can take that, why don’t I suck it instead”,She tries to rise but Lobo holds her to him with an arm around her waist as she pleads, “Please don’t, my god you’ll rip me open, I…I..I c..c.can’t pleaseeee”.Rob has craved her pussy too long though and he won’t be denied as he places his dick at her entrance and begins his torturous entry of her pussy.Laura reaches under her ass and pulls at her skin as she tries to open to his huge dick. Tears roll down her cheeks as he stretches her tender pussy flesh but he won’t be deterred and continues to press into her forcibly even as she sobs and pleads for him to stop.With his glans pressed in to the widest part of it she begins shrieking, crying out shrilly until with one hard thrust of his large hips he buries his entire glans inside her tight muscle.“Oh god you’re so huge……oh fuck it hurts so bad……her body jerks as she sobs……but her hips move, hunch and roll slowly as she tries to open her body to his hot cock…..her tears stop and her moans become more passion filled than pained as she lays atop Lobo’s body with chest heaving and her ass undulating while moaning,”Oh god…oh god…its so big…so good….ohhhhhhhh…….oh damn I’ve never been stretched so good…..oh damn I love black cock…….fuck me Lobo, oh god Rob doit baby…fuck me like you wanted to while you watched me baby……oh damn I need to feel you fucking me….so damn big…hard……oh baby I need you to cum in my husbands pussy so bad…big nigga dick shooting cum in my pussy….oh god yes…I need it!”Lydia heard her mom say she needed Rob to cum in her dad’s pussy and said, “MOM!, don’t tell him to cum in dad’s pussy that’s just not right.”“Oh baby, you have to fuck this man honey before you can possibly understand what I feel with his dick swollen inside me.I think I could fuck this dick with your dad watching me honey.Laura had heard women talk of the addicting nature of black cock on the white women they enter and could never understand what could be so different from white men’s dicks.As she feels Robs huge black dick pistoning in her pussy, every cell and nerve within her being strongly pressured, massaged by his giant cock she knows why. Her body is like a human capacitor and his dick feels as if its electrically charged.Every slight movement or throbbing of his cock within her causes a current to flow between them.Like reacting to a charged rod of iron her stretched wet walls induce a current that charges her with a sexual energy that threatens her sanity.It is that energy that races from her core to her peripheral where it begins to build within her.Her body twitches, jerks as her mind becomes overwhelmed by the pressured pleasure building within her.Her fingertips become sensitive, her skin crawls with the pleasure stored in every cell of her body as she writhes continuously.Then as his thrusts drive deeper, the pain of his meaty cock stretching her pussy causes a reversal of the current flow within her, a discharge of sexual energy that tenses her as if she has been electrocuted.Every cell of her body has a current jumping from it to the next in a continuous flowing of pleasure to her pussy that has her twitching, jerking, muscles tightening as wave after wave of electric like currents are drawn to his deeply thrusting dick.Her hips lift, out-turn, as she presents her pussy to his cock as every cell of her body discharges its pleasure in a never ending flow of gratification that begins and ends with his deepest cruelest thrusts.Each time that cycle peaks and the discharge is imminent she can’t breathe, can’t think and her body begins to vibrate at her pussy, tensing as his cock relentlessly pumps within her.Her plight continues as he fucks his meaty dick into her, her pussy clenches, increasing the intensity of the impending release of her sexual energy. That clenching causes the vibrating to become a trembling as it races from her core to her peripheral. Once fully impaled, his black cock bottomed within her, the pressure within her grows exponentially until her body shakes violently as her mind feels insanity.Each hard thrust takes her closer and closer to her impending orgasm.Her head flails, muscles tense as her discharge begins.Each voltage like wave of pleasure has her body jerking with the intense discharge of the pleasure he has stored within her.Only when those discharges have dissipated can she regain control of her body and senses. It is this tremendous pleasure that addicts her and other white women.Once he is gone his dick leaves with him but the memory of this pleasure is burned permanently into her mind and will be forever.From this day on every black man she sees is a potential candidate to present her this intense pleasure and she will crave his cock, crave his hot discharge deep in her pussy.Even if his cock is small, seeing his blackness will instill the memory of this man’s dick to infuriate her mind and subjugate her body as he brings forth intense orgasms as he fucks her.It is this memory of intense pleasure that addicts her and Lydia now, that will keep them searching to repeat it, a memory that can’t be erased,……ever!Rob and Lobo fuck Laura until she is reduced to an exhausted pile of flesh unable to move from the ordeal of orgasming for hours.Roger and Cool thoroughly fuck Lydia as her mother’s screams and thrashing keep them all in a highly charged state of arousal.Lydia can’t believe her mom has almost all of Rob’s huge dick impaling her deeply and is begging for more as he fucks her relentlessly.She has never seen her mom so aroused.In all the times she has watched her and her dad fuck through the vents in her bedroom wall she has never seen her so out of control and obviously unable to get enough of his meaty fuck stick.Knowing her mom is able to take his gargantuan dick has Lydia craving to feel him inside her own pussy.Watching Rob fuck her mother keeps her wet and lubed for the two black men using her body for their own pleasure.When Lobo finally groans and fucks up hard into her mom’s asshole, lifting her with his violent up thrusting dick Lydia knows he is cumming in her mom’s asshole.Emptied, he falls back onto the couch before extricating himself from Laura’s ass and crawling from under her saying, “Goddamn Laura, girl you’re insatiable for black dick baby.You two are quite a pair of dick loving sluts”, and he walks away towards the kitchen.Rob lays Laura along the couch with her head laying on the stuffed arm and proceeds to fuck her deeply, forcing her pussy to accept even more of his lengthy cock as tears run in streams down her cheeks from the pain but still she begs him not to stop, pleads for his cum to fill her slut white pussy.Then amidst a flurry of deep hard thrusts her legs encircle his body, ankles lock and her heels pull at his ass, forcing him into her hurtfully as she cums for long intense minutes.Her face is etched with the pained pleasure she is experiencing and in an act of complete submission she grabs Rob’s head and pulls his lips to hers and kisses him more passionately then Lydia has ever seen her mom kiss her dad.Laura sucks at his tongue in an obvious display of need as he rams to her depths forcing loud moans from her lungs.Her hips hunch and grind forcefully into Rob’s black cock before tensing again and Laura begins sobbing as they kiss, crying as she knows she wants this forever, sobbing at the realization that this will change her and Lydia forever, their lives permanently altered by these black men’s deeply penetrating, hard, long, thick cocks.Jr. has been forgotten amidst all the sex that has transpired since his call.But he is instantly remembered when he opens the front door and sees his mother and sister impaled by large black cocks and fucking them energetically while moaning their pleasure.He sees his mom passionately kissing the black man fucking her while his sister is hunching sensually into the two black dicks pistoning in her body. He is stunned, unable to even speak as he gazes at the intensely erotic sight before him.Over the years he has fantasied of fucking both his sister and his mother, imagined them nude and how they would move as they fucked him.Seeing it before him though is even more thrilling than in his imagined visions.His emotions are torn by his mother’s infidelity towards his dad and the sight of her hunching her pussy up to the very thick black dick grinding into her pussy.He wants to think they are being raped but the sensual way their bodies move tell him he would be lying to himself to assume that.Neither of them are aware that he is even standing there as his gaze roams both their bodies. He feels his dick beginning to harden and grow and feels a disgust at his response to what he sees but knows he is helpless to prevent it.Jr. is one of those twenty year old white guys that has been endowed with a cock emulating Rob’s huge black dick and it snakes down his thigh as his breathing becomes more labored with each stroke of the black cocks fucking his mom and sis.He wants to leave, to turn and walk out the door without them knowing he was ever here.But the scene before him is too provocative, too intensely sexually seductive to allow him to do so.His mouth feels dry as his breathing becomes ragged.Any hope of leaving undiscovered is shattered when he hears a man’s voice say, “Well fuck, I guess you’re the brother and son of these two ladies”.Lydia sees him and tries to crawl from between her two black lovers but they hold her there as Cool says, “Hold on baby, he done seen you now so there’s no hiding it sweetie”.She knows it’s true and she tries to still her hips while Junior stares at her, but the look in his eyes has her body undulating and when she sees his cock extended down his thigh obviously hard and enraged she moans and begins breathing hard.Does he find it exciting seeing his sister impaled both in her ass and pussy by black men?Does he want to fuck her too she wonders as his cock jerks strongly in his pants?Junior sees his mom looking at him, her eyes are glazed with the lust Rob’s dick has instilled in her.She doesn’t seem embarrassed at all and when her gaze lowers to his hard dick her eyes see to gleam and her body begins a sensual undulating into Rob’s dick.All three of them seem to wait for another to say something.Lobo is the first to say something as he puts his arm over Juniors shoulder while saying, “My man if that hard dick is any indication of what you’re thinking maybe those thoughts are very incestuous in nature.I think you may be having some thoughts about joining us guys enjoying your sis and mom”.Junior replies, “That’s sick man, I could never do that with them.”Lobo leans close to Junior’s ear and whispers, “Man I fuck my sis all the time, it ain’t no big thing unless you let it be.It’s just fuckin and you and I both know you’re wanting to fuck those two fine women so give your mom and sis a break and do it so they don’t have to worry about you tellin your dad about all this. Just drop yore drawers and let them see that big dick and you watch and see if they don’t want it.Nobody ever going to know but you three after we’re gone cause we’re leaving the state when we leave here”Junior’s mind is captive now to his thoughts of them both and his hands begin undoing his belt as he realizes everything Lobo says is true.He pushes his pants and underwear down over his hips and lets them fall at his feet unleashing his cock to jerk upright and bob and sway in sight of everyone.Lydia is the first to react as she moans, “Oh my god Junior!Look at Juniors cock mom he’s like Rob.”Then to Junior she says, “W..Wha..What are you gonna do Junior, oh my god you want to fuck us don’t you.I..I.I thought you’d be mad.”Cool turns and sees Juniors dick and rises and says, “My man you just step right in and show your girl here some of dat brotherly love.” Lydia watches her brother slowly walk to her while staring at her gaped pussy.She’s thought of this often as she played with herself and now it is about to become reality, the only difference is she had never imagined having a black cock fucking her ass when it did.Lydia’s emotions are in turmoil as her brother lowers his body and places his thick ramrod like dick at his sister’s pussy and while staring directly into her eyes feels her pussy opening till his girth meets resistance.“Oh god you’re so big Ray……you won’t hate me for doing this will you….oh god it hurts….ohhhh damn I’ve wanted this sooooo long.Do it Ray, make it go…fuck me…hurt me I don’t care just put it in me”, she begs her brother until with forceful thrusts of his hips her body relents and he slides inside her.“Oh god you’re so big, so good.Damn Ray I never imagined you’d be so huge….ohhhhh……yeah….fuck it……oh god its so big its hurting my pussy……oh shit I feel so full of dick…..doit…fuck my ass…yeah like that…..Oh fuck Ray can you feel his dick baby,,,,feel the black cock fucking my ass……oh god I’m so fucking hot……fuck me….make it go Ray……brother fucking my pussy…black guy up my ass…..aaarrrggghhhhHHHHHHHHHYES..YES….OH GOD MOM RAYS MAKING ME CUM!! AIIIEEEEEEEEE……FUCK IT….YES….HARD…..Oh god Ray I love it…love you fucking my slut pussy….so bigggggg…so damn hard”, Lydia screams as he fucks his sister as she begs him too, deep hurtfully, bottoming his cock head repeatedly against her deepest walls as he stretches her painfully.Roger has been trying not to cum for long minutes now but the added pressure Juniors large dick exerts upon his own has his black balls jerking, drawing up against his body until he groans, “Oh god I’m cumming, work that ass baby, squeeze it, milk that hot cum from my cock…arrgghhhhh yeah, like that, take it, take it, drain my balls in your slut asshole.” He lifts her body as he drives his dick up into her colon as he spews huge hot loads from his swollen black dick into her white body.Junior fucks his sister rapidly, smoothly as she cums while working her ass wildly on Roger’s stiffened swollen dick. Milking him with her clenched asshole has her pussy grasping her brother’s pistoning cock, sucking him deeper into her wet cunt as her emissions lube the way for her brother to enter her deeper.She feels his dick swollen inside her as she drowns her brothers dick with the sheer raw pleasure she feels at his fucking her.Roger crawls from under Lydia’s body as he looks at Cool and says, “Get ya some of that ass man, that bitch is tight and works that ass like her mom”.“Naw man that’s ok, I just want to sit here and stroke this dick and watch him fuck his sister.That’s some hot shit.Man must have nigga blood, you see the dick on him, damn if he ain’t as big as or maybe bigger than Rob.I gotta respect a white man wid a dick like his.That slut loves her bro’s dick up in dat pussy, watch her fuck dat dick”, Cool replies.Lydia now has only her brother fucking his huge dick deep inside her as she stares up into his eyes as he labors between her widely opened thighs.She has always loved her big brother and now as his hard dick throbs against her inner flesh she loves him even more.Knowing he wants her pussy as badly as she has wanted his dick all these years has her emotions in turmoil and she reaches and pulls his lips to her own.At first he pulls away but then as he gazes into the hurt he sees in her eyes he allows the love he feels for her to free him of every restraint he feels to their incestuous coupling.Their lips meet and they enjoy the passion that flows between them, overwhelms them as they feel their minds fall from the precipice of normalcy into the abyss of carnality they know they will never desire to escape from.Lydia feel her brothers love as he fucks her with slow forceful strokes that end with their bodies grinding against each other as they both strive to have his cock fully embedded in her hot need.“I love you sis, love the way you feel on my dick.I’ve dreamed of this for so long, stroked my dick thinking of you in my arms fucking me”, he whispers in her ear.“I know, I know Ray, I have too.Oh god your dick feels so good Ray….so big and hot…if only I knew how you felt…..oh goddddd I..I..I’m cumming….fuck me Ray….hard..oh god I need it hard…hurt it…arrghhhhhhhHHHHHYES…..like that……yes…..ungh……yes…….aiieee…..I love you….I love you so much …..FUCK ME……ARRRGGHHHHHHH”, Lydia’s emotions drive her orgasms as she hears her brother tell her how much he loves her pussy, loves fucking his dick deep in her pussy. Lydia is gasping for breath after a particularly draining orgasm when she hears Rob say to her brother, “Say man, what say we swap for a bit, I’d like to try some of your little sis’s pussy on this black cock”.Ray junior sees his mom looking at him expectantly as if she knows he will refuse.Sees the pained hurt in her eyes as she knows he will lose all respect for her after seeing what a slut she has been with these black men.What she doesn’t know is that her son has lusted after her pussy for as long as his dick has gotten hard.All his friends want to fuck her.She is known as the number one Milf at his old high school, the mother that every wanted to fuck once they saw her.His mom is beautiful and the thought of fucking her has his mind and body incensed.He gazes at Lydia and she says, “Do it Ray, do it for me, for us.”Ray knows she wants him to fuck their mom so that they can fuck openly when their dad isn’t home.Ray smiles and while gazing into his mother’s eyes says, more to her than Lydia, “No, I’ll do it for me.I’ll do it because I want to do it badly.” Rob withdraws his black cock from his mom and moves to Lydia as Ray Junior positions himself between his mother’s open thighs.Laura gazes at her son’s dick and looks in his eyes and smiles as she reaches for his dick and pulls at it, positions him at her entrance and asks, “Are you sure baby, once we do this its forever?”His answer is to press his dick into her stretched pussy as he presses her body down and kisses her passionately.Ray loves the way his mom’s pussy feels.Rob has opened her and he sinks quickly inside her as her hips hunch up into his thrusts.Laura’s and Lydia’s moans combine as Lydia experiences the largest black dick to enter her yet as Laura’s mind comprehends the implications of her loving the feel of her sons dick driving deep into the pussy he was birthed from.She can’t help but remember the pain she endured as he left her pussy, the relief she felt at his absence.Now she aches for the pain of his deep return to that same pussy, craves the feel of him once again lodged deep in her body but this time as a man not a baby.A relief washes over her as he bottoms in her pussy and begins to torture her with his length as Rob had.No longer does she have to wonder if one of her children will tell her husband, their father of her partaking of this carnal event. When she cums on her son’s throbbing dick she knows his lips are sealed forever as are her own as she feels her pussy scalded hotly by her son’s virile sperm as he assures that his mother will want his return daily.Her mind seems to melt as the knowledge it is her sons cock inflicting such a wonderful pain in her pussy and then soothing it with his lava like emissions as she cums more intensely than anyone has ever caused her to.They finally know why the men wanted to use their home. Rob escaped from prison and they are meeting him there so he can change clothes and dye his hair grey and they can be long gone before anyone realizes he’s gone.Rob smiles and winks as he tells Laura he left his binoculars with another inhabitant of the top floor facing her home.They all three wish they could stay longer, spend the night but they also realize it is impossible.Laura does give Cool hers and Lydia’s phone numbers though and winks as she says, “Call before you come please.”Then they’re gone.Laura and Lydia cut and tear Rob’s prison clothes into small pieces and flush them down the toilet.His tennis shoes are also cut into small pieces and placed at the bottom of their garbage bag in the kitchen and covered with refuse.Lydia says, “That is the least we can do for the fucking we received from them don’t you agree mom?”Junior is lying on the couch with his feet stretched out in front of him, hands behind his head while still nude.Laura kneels on one side of him and Lydia the other as they look at each other and smile as Lydia asks, “Hmmmmm now how can we thank Junior here for all the hot cum he is going to provide us before dad gets home?”Laura takes her son’s cock in her hand and lowers her head and begins sucking at him as his cock jerks and begin to stiffen.She then hands his dick to Lydia as she says, “I’m sure we’ll think of something, don’t you?”Lydia murmurs from around his dick, “Hmmm yeah something I’m sure”, refusing to give up his stiffening cock to answer her mom.Laura sees her son’s dick growing huge and her clit begins throbbing as she rises and places her pussy at her son’s mouth and says, “You have his dick first while I find out if your brother can eat pussy as well as he fucks, then we’ll swap, ok?”Laura thinks to herself, we should do this up in my bathroom tonight with the lights on, as she remembers Robs comment about the binoculars.


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