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trying to draw it in国色天香视频资源网

Part 2 of the series so far. Please read chapter one for background. Enjoy.***********************************************************************Polyjuice Potion and the squib chapter 2 Sarah*************************************************************************I still had some time before my parents came home. I was aware of the complexities of sex from my research on the internet. A man had a penis and the woman had a vagina (or pussy). I was aware that some lubrication was needed and that the penis was inserted into the vagina. I had seen some pictures of the inner workings of the vagina, but had not physically seen exactly where the entrance was and how men found it. I wanted to see more and explore more but I still had no girlfriend to help with that side of things. So how could I find out more? I had my Polyjuice potion. Why not use it while my parents were away? I had thought of what might go wrong, but I had tried and successfully made my first change so that calmed things down a bit. Who to change into first?My aunty came to visit later that day. That is when I decided to make my first change - my 9 year old cousin. I had fantasized about her a little too, so I was curious. She didn’t seem to have any breast development yet. I was interested in breasts, but more so in the area between the legs. When she left, I quickly made my way upstairs to the bedroom. Then I had a thought- if I was going to change into a girl, why not make a full change? I made my way into my sisters’ bedroom. I started to feel a familiar swell in my trousers as I made my way to her underwear drawer. I refrained from sniffing them and retrieved some smaller white panties and then made my way to her wardrobe. I found a yellow sundress and then some white socks. She had a video camera too, so I swiped that. Why not have some digital evidence for me to review later?I laid out the items of clothing and positioned the camera where I could see what I was about to do. I grabbed the vial containing Sarah's hair that I had retrieved and cut earlier. I ladled out some Polyjuice potion into a cup and added the hair. It turned a brilliant yellow. I swallowed it down. It tasted sweet and flowery. I felt the same crawling and bubbling on my skin then my world seemed to get larger as I grew smaller fast. I am 5'10 and she is 3'11". My hair changed to long blonde. Sarah has long straight blonde hair that falls below her shoulders. I decided to get dressed first. I slid the panties over my slim legs. They were a little small (I had picked one of the smaller pairs that my sister had in her drawers as I felt like the usual ones may be too big). It felt great to have the material against my legs. I pulled the long socks on next. I felt like one of the ladies dressed as a schoolgirl on my favourite porn site. I slipped the sundress over my head. I hadn’t made a visual inspection yet as I wanted the full experience.I turned and made my way to the mirror. There Sarah was. It was hard to believe it was me standing there in the yellow sundress and white socks. I ran my hands over my ribs. She sure was slim. I looked down at my (her) chest. She appeared to have small buds. They were almost imperceptible to the eye, but not to the touch. Her nipples reacted to my touch like my penis usually does to my hand. It was like an electric current. It made me squirm between my legs, a feeling I have never felt before. I ran my hands through her hair. It felt as light and silky as it looked. I then remembered about the camera. I turned to face it as I ran my hand over her face and then her lips. They were so soft and moist. I placed one of her fingers inside and gently sucked on it. She tasted like salty sugar. It sent another thrill deep down inside my body. I found it hard to distinguish between myself and her as my sight told me I was now her. I ran my fingers over her ribs again sending a tingle between her legs. It was like I was switched on like a light bulb, everywhere I touched seemed to send a tingle directly between my legs. I concentrated my touch to her nipples for a while, liking the way they elongated and stretched, making their presence known by protruding from inside the yellow sundress. After a while I realised that I felt like I was slowly peeing myself. So this was what it felt like to get wet. I decided to explore further. I started at her calves and ran my hands up her legs slowly, savouring the feeling. A slight moan escaped my lips involuntarily. I realised how turned on she was getting. The wetness between my legs was beginning to dampen her panties. I ran my hands further up her legs, under her dress and over her knees and up her thighs. My heart started to quicken as I continued my exploration of her small body. I palmed the area where my penis would be, amazed that the area was so flat. This made my legs come together at the knees of their own accord. There was a slight rise where the base of my penis would usually be, and I pondered if this is where the pussy really began. I decided to proceed further and glided my hands over her stomach and up to her chest. I found out that the dress was getting in the way so I decided to remove that. I faced the camera straight on and slowly lifted the dress off my head, hem first.I turned to face the mirror again, revelling in her nakedness. She looked so innocent, just socks and tight underwear on. I played with her nipples again, pulling and tweaking them until they hurt. I sat on my bed, feeling weak at the knees. I made sure I faced the camera and spread my legs slowly. I palmed her vagina, slowly dragging my fingers back and forth over the cloth covering her vagina. It was really wet by now - her panties sopping. I slipped a hand inside her panties, feeling the moist folds of her vagina responding to my touch. I ran my fingers between the folds, then I found a hard bit that sent an intense thrill all over my body. I played with it till it started to hurt. It got bigger as I played with itand it came out from between the folds. It reminded me of my penis,精品少妇牲交视频大全 coming out from beneath its sheath. I delved deeper beneath the folds and found a deeper fold. I presumed this was the entrance to the vagina. I placed one finger inside. Her body clenched in response to my insertion. I tried to relax her body by removing the finger a little. Her body responded by clenching the finger, trying to draw it in, so I did.I placed the finger deeper and drew it back and forth. It sent her body into a frenzy. I got 2 knuckles deep and found her hymen. I presumed she was a virgin anyway, but finding this barrier was satisfying. She hadn’t had sex either. I removed the finger slowly, keeping my probing shallow. But it seemed this body wanted more. I pondered whether my sister used a dildo or not. I took a moment to have a quick look around her room and found what I presume was a dildo in the bottom drawer beneath her leggings. It was a long slender thing with ripples like a penis. It was flexible, but only a little.I returned to my room and placed it at the entrance to Sarah's vagina. I spread her legs wide hoping that it would make it easier to see. I pushed slowly. It hurt a little and I remembered about the lube. I pulled it back a little, played with her nub a little more whilst fingering her folds again. It got wet again and I smeared some of the moisture over the dildo. I tried to push it in again. It went a little further in. I pull it back again and then back in. It was stretching me inside deliciously. I felt it hit the barrier again and I was panting. I pushed it in with a quick thrust. It hurt horribly but I felt so full it was incredible and her body was starting to respond. I held it there for a few minutes whilst her body adjusted. Then I started pushing it in and out again. I felt my heartbeat rising further and further again. In. Out. In. Out. Faster and deeper it went.My body was coming alive with fire. I pushed it in deep and it bottomed out on her cervix. I had it all the way in now. I started going faster. I heard the soft sound of her juicy body responding to pounding I was giving it with a moist slap every time I pushed my sister’s dildo in.Then a new feeling started in my belly. It was like an exploding tornado was rushing through her body. I was moaning loudly and Sarah's body was exploding around me. I kept pounding the dildo in and out. Then it happened. I almost passed out as the tornado took over her body. It was fantastic. Her legs opened as wide as they would and her vagina was whipping like a sheet in the wind, expanding and contracting of its own will. I let my hand off the dildo and arched my back in response, unable to control it. It lasted for what seemed an eternity. Then I came to.Her arms were draped out beside her. Her legs still wide as a butterfly. I reached down and removed the dildo. It released with a soft audible plop. My breathing was still elevated but I wasn’t panting anymore. I took off the socks and lay back on the bed. An hour had passed since I took the potion. I still had some time to admire her body, but I was exhausted. I went and got myself something to drink, naked as a jaybird. I returned to the bedroom and stood before the camera, legs together. I turned on the spot, giving the camera a full 360 degree view. I sat back on the bed again and felt the crawling and bubbling on my skin again. I watched in the mirror as I returned to myself again. It was something to behold as Sarah disappeared and I returned again. I got dressed, returned my sisters dildo and placed the panties, socks and dress I had borrowed into the laundry hamper. What and experience! And I got it all on tape. I stopped the tape and started to transfer the file to my computer for later.